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Live: How to Land a Job with a Bad GPA

This question comes up a lot as it took me 8 years to graduate my 4-year BSc yet I landed my dream jobs and finished an MBA. 

It came up from the Personal Branding 101 workshop I held, and decided to make a live about it. 

Warning: Some lags and freezing, but I feel it gives an authentic feel 😂 

please share with whomever may find value into it.  

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Personal Branding 101

Looking for a job? Do you feel confused about how to get noticed by your dream employer? Maybe you’re switching careers and feel embarrassed you don’t have the skillset for the new direction. Maybe you’re frustrated that your manager has no idea how hard you work.

We are so excited for you to figure out who you need to market yourself to, what to say, and how to say it. Join at Vibes Offices Wednesday 19 June OR Sunday 23 June ✨

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An Invitation to Empathize | Khayra at TEDxAlhamraaWomen

Women in Saudi (as we have heard time and time again) had been stopped (again and again) from pursuing their ambition. Some by accident and some on purpose. However, Khayra believes not only women suffer in a patriarchy. Expecting specific output from 50% of the population based on gender alone stops everyone from being their full selves.

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