Looking for a Content Analysis Trainee now that I head UTURN Intelligence

In 2010, UTURN and YouTube were used interchangeably, setting an iconic status on the media company. Nine years later, I’ve been employed as Intelligence & Social Media Director, finally merging my loves of communication, technology, and (the biggest!) impacting people. I’m now looking for a data whisperer to work as my right-hand person in transforming how the organization sees data, empowering the content creators, and getting on the cutting edge of digital marketing.

To say I’m excited for this is a huge understatement. I’ve always loved the power of digital, impacting audiences, and transforming organizations. It’s like I have a very big (group has 200 employees) very influential (38M followers across all our platforms) very quiet personal branding client 🥰

I’m also looking for interns, feel free to share the link http://uturn.me/internship