Khayra Bundakji


Having collected work experience since I was 16 (fun fact - I was a telemarketer), I now have the complete set of tools to help you build your personal brand!

  • Personal brand strategy: Who are you and what will you tell the world to get what you want? I got an MBA to help you answer that.

  • Content creation training: Now that you know what to say, how will you say it? How will you juggle your content creation with your life and actual work? I’ve been creating content Mstdfr Network for more than 3 years.

  • Digital platforms: I can build websites and launch podcasts. I got a BSc in Computer Science for those “omg what do we do?!” moments.

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Personal Branding

Become visible to your dream employer, favorite clients, and future peers 

Thanks to so many instances of facilitating workshops, moderating panels, and interviewing guests on podcasts, I have a knack for learning about people. Use this to your advantage by having your online presence audited, us hashing out who to neatly define your wants, and let’s get it out to the world! In addition to this introductory session of finding out who you are and what you want to say, I can help you

  • Create content

  • Navigate social media platforms

  • Organize your time in doing all this

  • Create your website

  • Help you launch a podcast


Web Development Using Squarespace

Get your own website, email, and all the content that expresses who you are and what you want from the world


Squarespace? Didn’t you hear that on some podcast? Isn’t it some sort of do-it-yourself platform? Why in the world would you pay me to make you a website you could do yourself?

As a Squarespace Circle Member, I have access to more advanced aspects of the website-making platform, cool discounts you can take advantage of, and generally can do in one week what you would do in a month because of research and trial/error.

Website maintenance made easy

My favorite feature of making you a Squarespace website (or helping you with your existing one) is my ability to give you control and be confident you’ll get the hang of things. Back when I was an IT Project Manager, I would lead implementations of complex IT systems in companies, and my happiness came way after leaving, when I’d find out the system is being utilized to its full capacity. My experience with other content management systems left clients with a beautiful website, but lift the covers and you’d find convoluted code and tons of add-ons.

PLEASE NOTE: I prioritize this service for my Personal Branding clients and am not always available.

Launching Podcasts

Already have a podcast idea or want to become a podcast producer? I can help.

While working with Mstdfr Network, I got the chance to launch not just my own podcast (Azzbda), but other shows of impressive substance like Iqleb Alsaf7a (إقلب الصفحة), Business Box, The Gaming Recess (بودكاست فسحة الألعاب), and The Coach Talk (بودكاست نقاش الكوتشز).

This included the content strategizing concepts, finding guests, recording, post production. It also included the tech of setting up RSS, submitting to podcatchers like iTunes, and training the hosts to take over.

PLEASE NOTE: I prioritize this service for my Personal Branding clients and am not always available.