I’ve never been here before.

My relationship with the unknown is very known by all who know me. My organization, talks on anxiety, habits of analysis paralysis, and my bucket list all indicate the unknown scares the daylights out of me.

While I thought I faced many unknowns in life, I very recently noticed that everything was known in my life. I had all the guidelines of what I “should” do based on passed failure and being left behind. I was pushing endlessly to catch up. I was putting all my energy in redeeming my past self. So I always took whatever option was realistic, because opportunities were slim.

Now? I’m all caught up. I finished my MBA with the highest grades I’ve ever had in life, have a glittering resume, and a wall full of certificates. It may have been post-achievement blues or recent family loss, but I noticed I didn’t know what to do next. Now I have options. Now I can imagine big because I have all the foundations.


Here it is, a vast expanse of possibilities that I didn’t see while focused on getting the basics done. Options to create my own priorities. It’s time to put all those leadership courses to work :)