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An Invitation to Empathize | Khayra at TEDxAlhamraaWomen

Women in Saudi (as we have heard time and time again) had been stopped (again and again) from pursuing their ambition. Some by accident and some on purpose. However, Khayra believes not only women suffer in a patriarchy. Expecting specific output from 50% of the population based on gender alone stops everyone from being their full selves. Being witness to her brother's struggle with emotions and autism, she has realized that men are stopped (again and again) from being truly authentic in their emotions of fear, helplessness, and nurture.

Let's explore together what that means to her, Abdullah, and the wider population of men. Khayra Bundakji co-hosts the podcast Azzbda, encouraging authentic living. She's a community builder that brought together people for Effat's Environmental Club, GeekFest Jeddah, Mstdfr Network, and most recently writers to Alf Kalimah. She is passionate about giving a safe place to individuals, as safety to express true selves is the best way to unleashing potential.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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