The Women Behind Saudi Design Week 2016

In October, 2 of my Mstdfr Network co-founders and I were at Saudi Design Week as press. Aside from the pleasure of having the Bouzo sisters on The Mstdfr Show, I got a chance to see a side of Saudi I haven't been exposed to before Mstdfr came into my life: the vibrant creative side.

And lo & behold, who should be behind a platform in the culture than 2 Saudi women who put themselves fully and authentically out there in an Al Jazeera documentary?

I've seen many Saudi documentaries, and I can't pinpoint what exactly about this stands out to me. There's an authenticity where it feels like a real story is being told, not an outsider narrative objectifying Saudis. Does that make sense?

What makes this different to me? I'd love your thoughts below!