An Invitation to Empathize | Khayra at TEDxAlhamraaWomen

I spoke at TEDxAlhamraaWomen about a topic near and dear to my heart, empowering our men. Below is the video that I'm in, but even further down are more amazing talks about this by far more qualified TED speakers speaking on the same topic. Most of these speakers can also be found in the moving documentary, The Mask You Live In (can be found on Netflix).

Women in Saudi (as we have heard time and time again) had been stopped (again and again) from pursuing their ambition. Some by accident and some on purpose. However, Khayra believes not only women suffer in a patriarchy. Expecting specific output from 50% of the population based on gender alone stops everyone from being their full selves.
Can we share our authentic selves while negotiating the often rigid pressure of cultural roles? There is surprising power in unveiling what we often hide, deny, repress or ignore. What if we showed the world what's behind our masks?
Joe Ehrmann has been an educator, author, activist, pastor and coach for more than 25 years. He was a college All-American athlete who played professional football for 13 years. Among numerous awards, Joe has been named "The Most Important Coach in America" for his work to transform the culture of sports.
Justin Baldoni wants to start a dialogue with men about redefining masculinity -- to figure out ways to be not just good men but good humans. In a warm, personal talk, he shares his effort to reconcile who he is with who the world tells him a man should be. At TEDWomen, Tony Porter makes a call to men everywhere: Don't "act like a man." Telling powerful stories from his own life, he shows how this mentality, drummed into so many men and boys, can lead men to disrespect, mistreat and abuse women and each other.
Domestic violence and sexual abuse are often called "women's issues." But in this bold, blunt talk, Jackson Katz points out that these are intrinsically men's issues -- and shows how these violent behaviors are tied to definitions of manhood. A clarion call for us all -- women and men -- to call out unacceptable behavior and be leaders of change.
Through powerful stories from his own life, Connor illustrates the damaging impact of the 'man mask' and how our perception of masculinity is one of the biggest challenges men face today. His solution: a call to men to cast off the broken ideals and discover new ways of living fully and authentically.
Blake Spence shares his own struggles with stereotypical notions of masculinity and his journey to creating the innovative WiseGuyz program. WiseGuyz teaches young men the value of safety and vulnerability and much more. Blake Spence is one of the creators of Calgary's award winning WiseGuyz program at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre.