Arab Excellence & Role Models

Tomorrow is the last session I facilitate for Arab Excellence for the first phase of their first program in Jeddah. Many firsts!


The non-profit organization was set up to give Arab Youth role models. The thinking goes that role models serve as proof that the system can give aspiring young adults the future they dream of. However, a goal without a plan is just a dream. Thankfully, their curriculum also provides such tools. 

There are many reasons to adore Arab Excellence:

  • They have a huge library of videos from Arab role models on their website
  • Their moel is sustainable. Students become facilitators. 
  • They have facilitators, not teachers. Students learn from each other.  
  • The course spans months without consecutive sessions, just check-ups
  • It automatically creates a community of mentors

Most surprising for me, I've found a love for presenting life techniques to people. Looking forward to many opportunities ahead to keep exploring this field.  

I highly recommend taking a look at the Arab Excellence video library. It's like binge watching TED talks!